Line Honors in Andros Race!

Andros Island, Chora, August 30, 2019.

Team OPTIMUM-SAMOS Steamship Co. managed the impossible and took line honors in the 52nd edition of the famous Andros Race, established by “Big John” Goulandris in 1967.  It is one of the few races in Greece that provide a line honors trophy and that is why it attracts maxi and fast racing yachts to fight for it.

“It turned out a happy end fighting finish.  It was mainly a tough upwind ride in up to force 8 seas and winds and a final 15 mile high speed surfing sprint to the finish line in Chora, Andros.  It took us 8 hours to complete the course and TP52 BAMBAKOU from USA led the fleet comfortably from the start.  As we started going upwind in heavy seas, the 86 feet Maxi MELLITI grasped the lead and looked set for line honors in Andros.  Our opportunity came when we all hit a windless zone approaching the notorious Cavo Doro Straits.  Our navigator Manos Roudas insisted to point high and always stay the most western yacht in the racing fleet.  As such, being most left than anybody else, we negotiated the  wind transition zone best and leaving Mandili lighthouse on our right, we caught the fresh breeze first and never looked back”, commented co-helmsman and trimmer 28 year old champion dinghy sailor and RMSR veteran Vaggelis Nikolopoulos.

Needless to comment for the warm welcome, the mooring assistance, the champagne torture, the superb hot soup dock crew party that has established the Andros Race and all its islanders for their unique hospitality.  

Thank you SAMOS Steamship Co. for providing the means and the manpower to be in Andros Race one more time and so successful.

Please stay tuned for the handicap results which according to our calculations should have a gold shine…