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NewsCongratulations to All!

September 15, 2015

Piraeus, Sunday, September 13th  , 2015, 23:30.   The “2015 National Offshore Sailing Championship” is over and the winner is the Greek Offshore Sailing Community.  Event organizers Piraeus Sailing Club and Hellenic Sailing Federation hosted a real Championship that went all the way to the wire.   One should mention that both presidents of the organizing...

NewsA Thrilling Experience!

September 11, 2015

Piraeus, Friday, September 11th  , 2015, 21:00.   The “2015 National Offshore Sailing Championship” was supposed to be highly competitive but no one could have possibly foreseen the thrills developed on the racecourse in the first two days of racing and the agony on reading the scoreboard.   The Race Committee of Piraeus Sailing Club read the weather forecast successfully and...

NewsPeak Performance!

September 9, 2015

Piraeus, Wednesday, September 9th , 2015, 12:00. The countdown clock for the “2015 National Offshore Sailing Championship” is reading less than 24 hours. The start of the 1st race of the 4-day, 9-race series that includes a mix of inshore and coastal races in the Saronic Gulf area is at 11:00 tomorrow, Thursday, September 10th....