Happy End of Season and a Promising 2020!

Athens, Alimos Base, Friday 25 September, 2019.

Winning is always sweet and Team OPTIMUM is enjoying exactly that feeling for its convincing Andros Race victory.  But there is much more than that.  Our partners in this victory,  SAMOS Steamship Co., within days from the prestigious prize giving ceremony in Yacht Club Greece, invited us to initiate discussions to explore their further involvement and a possible future for Team OPTIMUM-SAMOS Steamship.   The talks went really smooth and it was clear that the hands on experience of blending the OPTIMUM crew with SAMOS Steamship associates worked really well in Andros Race, proved a positive experience for all involved and delivered at the same time a top result.  Both entities share the same playground, the sea, share the same passion for what they do, both are among the top in their game and they endlessly strive for excellence. Sharing the same philosophy is a good starting point and a full 2020 season partnership was agreed based on the Andros Race format and built enough base elements to carry us both through a demanding competitive training and racing 2020 schedule.

“This is a partnership we very much like and we will work hard to deliver our part and more.  There are two aspects that make it so special.  The first is people. All we met so far from Samos Steamship Co., emit quality, professionalism and seriousness but easy going at the same time.  They make you feel like home.  The second is time.  It is before the end of September and we have in our hands the full detailed Team OPTIMUM-SAMOS Steamship schedule set, agreed and shared among all involved. Knowing what lies ahead so much upfront allows us time to do a million things under a well thought and executed manner.  Then, when March 2020 arrives we will just go sailing and enjoy”, says Team OPTIMUM co-leader Periklis Livas with great enthusiasm.

“We had a very positive experience participating actively in Andros Race with Team OPTIMUM and their well prepared OPTIMUM 3 vessel.  The conditions proved testing but the OPTIMUM crew made sure the five Samos associates on board immersed  fully in the heavy weather racing mode and kept busy and involved.  The skipper informed before and during the race what lies ahead until the finish and updated continuously for any changes.  That kept everybody focused on their work and at the same time eager to report any changes anticipated.  No surprises, pure enjoyment in force 8, not bad at all.  And we won too!  SAMOS Steamship has sighted offshore sailing before as an interesting company activity that fits its team going philosophy.  With Team OPTIMUM the picture became clear. We will do it together the OPTIMUM way.  Team OPTIMUM-SAMOS Steamship is born”, says SAMOS Steamship Director John Inglessis.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the 2020 racing schedule and other details of the OPTIMUM-SAMOS Steamship newly formed offshore sailing partnership. It is going to be a hell of a ride!