NewsPerformance boost for O.S.A.!

July 20, 2023

18:00, Monday 17th July, 2023, Nautical Club Kalamaki, Greece.

OPTIMUM Sailing Academy welcomes aboard a new supporter that embraces O.S.A.’s vision to share Team OPTIMUM experience with the young and coming new generation of offshore sailors. PERFORMANCE Technologies becomes the third and critical supporter of O.S.A. and the two Dehler 30ods LAVORO III and OPTIMUM 4 will get instant PERFORMANCE boost. PERFORMANCE Technologies is a leading IT Solutions Provider, delivers reliable, long life solutions, ensuring continuous availability of business-critical services and information. Both Team OPTIMUM and PERFORMANCE Technologies celebrate 30 years in 2023 and have climbed and remain to the top of their sector investing and providing opportunities to the young and coming generation.

“We are proud to support the passionate vision of O.S.A. to promote performance offshore sailing to the young generation. We share common values, passion and ways of setting goals, work as team to achieve them and share equally success and growth. We look forward to be part of Team OPTIMUM and O.S.A. competitive journey in its international ambitions. It is always people that make the difference, build value and lead to conquer new frontiers. Our support to O.S.A. may prove just that”, says Dimitra Kontou, Marketing Director of PERFORMANCE Technologies.

“PERFORMANCE is what we are after in sports in general and offshore sailing too. We are excited that PERFORMANCE Technologies family of companies joins our efforts and will support our cause. I can already feel the effect and drive that the PERFORMANCE logo on the hull and sails on the two O.S.A. racing boats will spark on the crews. We understand that PERFORMANCE is a flourishing family of companies for 30 years now and has all the potential to thrive in the future focusing on best people to deliver best practices and reach further success and growth. We love to be together in their journey ahead and maybe add a little salt and happy moments on the way”, wishes Periklis Livas, Team OPTIMUM and O.S.A. co-Principal.

The addition of PERFORMANCE in the family of O.S.A. supporters LALIZAS S.A. and QUANTUM SAILS Greece comes at the right time and underwrites the dream entry of O.S.A. Dehler 30od OPTIMUM 4 in the 60th Anniversary AEGEAN RALLY with a crew of young sailors under 20 years old and an O.S.A. coach this coming Friday. OPTIMUM 4 will be skippered by Nicolas Stavropoulos (19) and Lefteris Grispos (18) who were among the winning crew of the AEGEAN 600 on board OPTIMUM S only last week. Never before in the long history of the AEGEAN RALLY such a young group had the opportunity to do so. OPTIMUM Sailing Academy. and supporters LALIZAS S.A., PERFORMANCE and QUANTUM SAILS Greece will cheer for them along the way.

Stay tuned, interesting times ahead!