NewsO.S.A. Dehler30s ready for 55th Andros Race.

August 22, 2022

Monday, 22 August 2022, 08:00

All three OPTIMUM Sailing Academy Dehler 30ods will participate in Andros Race organised by Nautical Club Andros and Yacht Club Greece. The 55th edition kicks on Thursday 25th August and is rightly considered a tough race as it usually involves a long upwind overnight leg to Chora, Andros all the way up Cavo Doro Straits. A coastal race on Saturday and the return on Sunday along with great hospitality at N.C.A. seafront premises account for a challenging event at sea and good fun ashore. AETHER and LAVORO III will be crewed by Team Optimum members and fans and OPTIMUM 4 by five young under 20 dinghy sailors and an O.S.A. coach.

“Andros race is a race with long and distinguished history and every edition is a huge experience for all participants and a true test for the gear. The meltemi wind is usually present and more often than not reaches 35+ knots bringing excitement and creating memories. That’s how I view this race after years of listening and reading descriptions and I am thrilled to give it a go along with my buddies from the dinghy scene. O.S.A. is a great initiative for young guys like us who want to enter the offshore scene and taste the thrills and spills of the open sea, learn to push for long periods day and night and become seamen too apart from sailors”, says enthusiastically 18 year old Nikolas Stavropoulos Jr. ahead of his first overnight race.

In O.S.A. we believe that Sport is more than records, trophies and halls of fame. It’s a platform that develops humans and societies. Andros Race is a flagship event for this school of thought and O.S.A. recognises that and participates with three super enthusiastic teams supported by LALIZAS and QUANTUM SAILS Greece. We are looking forward for an exciting and enjoyable 55th Andros Race.

Stay tuned!!!