NewsMethana Race 2022 – Perfect for O.S.A. newcomers and beyond.

October 15, 2022

16:00, Wednesday 12th October 2022, Alimos, Greece.

Over the last weekend, O.S.A. Dehler 30od OPTIMUM 4 raced in Methana Race 2022, the final event/race of Kalithea Cup 2022 alongside Korfos and Agistri Race, all picturesque spots in the Saronic Gulf of Athens.  OPTIMUM 4 won race 1 to Methana and managed 6th place on race 2 back to Athens.  As such, they got the silver place in Methana Race, and more importantly they hold on the top spot in 5th Kalithea Cup.  Both races were run in light to medium conditions, perfect for Academy work on board with two newcomers and three key Team OPTIMUM members training on various positions.

“I love sailing on these three O.S.A. little rockets every time I get the chance.  As an offshore sailing instructor too, I enjoyed sharing my passion and teaching new O.S.A. students Eirini Dekoli and Nikos Vitos the sport I love on a great platform such as the Dehler 30od and in the great company of Vaggelis Karas and Periklis Livas.  What made it even more enjoyable and challenging for me was helming much of race 2 back to Athens under Code 0 and spinnaker.  I am the main pitman in Team OPTIMUM and I rarely get the chance to steer when racing.  It was good fun.  Eirini and Nikos were very receptive and keen to learn as much possible so it was a happy atmosphere on board even when Periklis messed up things badly in the bow department  just before the start of race 2.  We managed to sort things out and start 3-4 minutes late, get back to the leading group, only to fall handicap victim of the sea breeze building from behind on the scoresheet”, comments enthusiastic and loyal Team OPTIMUM pitman Nikos Apostolakis.  

Supported by LALIZAS,  OPTIMUM Sailing Academy boats compete continuously and introduce newcomers to the sport of sailing or advance the skills of everyone interested to do so.  Next on the cards is Hydra Race on 28th of October National Holiday 3-day and O.S.A. plans to participate in full force.  Join the fun!