Winter Sunday 3 Showdown

OPTIMUM YACHT RACING TEAM put on a good fight on Race Sunday 3 of the Winter Championship Series organized by Yacht Club Greece. Due to the strong wind conditions, the Race Committee Race was able to conclude the planned two windward/leeward races around buoys for the day. The OPTIMUM crew tried hard to master the powerful sailplan of OPTIMUM 3 – ASPIDA and although it crossed the finish line 1st in both races, scored 8 and 10 on ORCi handicap ending the day in 9th place. So far, with a score line of 3, 1 and 9, OPTIMUM 3 – ASPIDA sits on 3rd place in the rankings of the Winter Championship Series with one more go coming Sunday.

“We had our hands full today as the N wind was strong from 15 knots gusting up to 22 knots, allowing us to hit 15 kts going down the track flying the ASPIDA A2 spinnaker! Although our helmsman Pericles Livas managed two good starts in a heavily congested start line, the short 1,2 miles distance of the Windward-Leeward course was not enough for this wind strength to allow OPTIMUM 3 to extend its lead enough to stand a chance to cover the handicap time she gives to all other competing yachts. Also, the short distance between the turning marks did not allow time to repack the favorite for the conditions A2 spinnaker and had to settle for the A3 in one run on every race. A few crew handling errors did not help either and we are ready to swallow the average result of today and focus on the podium position we hold in the general standings of the Winter Series. We will be happy to put a solid performance on coming Sunday and seal our podium chances” positively states OPTIMUM PR manager and navigator Manos Roudas.

The OPTIMUM 3- ASPIDA crew line-up for the day consisted of Alexis Marugas, Andonis Nikolaou, George Hatzigeorgiou, Nikos Apostolakis, Giannis Kapos, Alexis Chrysochoides, Kostas Makridis, John Tachtatzis, Lambros Nakis, Manos Roudas, Nikos Lazos, Periklis Livas, Alexandros Sofroniadis, Gerasimos Petratos, and Panos Moraitis.

One more to go and then it’s… Christmas!!!