We Stand a Chance!

Kalamaki, Friday, July 24th, 2015, 20:00.


Tomorrow is a few hours away.  Tomorrow is Aegean Battle Weekend No2.  Tomorrow at 11:00, the starting gun for Race 3 and 4 of the 52nd Aegean Rally will fire and OPTIMUM 3-ASPIDA-SAXOBANK and her 15-strong crew just finished preparations and are ready for battle.  All systems checked, every block and shackle sprayed, even the inclination systems of the berths were tested.  Weather forecast calls for light winds, the race will take the whole night too, so crew shifts will take place to keep everyone sharp and focused.  Co-skipper Nick Lazos is back in action for the battle and we strengthened further our trimming capabilities with Lambros Nakis on board.   Giannis Kapos and Stratis Tsambarlis will sit out and are expected to follow the race from their armchair through the race tracker.  Invitations for the prestigious prize giving ceremony have been passed out to all crew members, sponsors and supporters.  Now, we only have to shine…


“I was the last one to leave the boat tonight since I cleaned our race boat one final time before the race.  The heat is on, you could clearly sense it during the final briefing and the verdict is clear:  We stand a chance!  We are in 2nd place on the scoreboard and there are enough points and boats capable of winning this one, and so does Team OPTIMUM.  In the briefings, I usually check around my mates, faces, stances, expressions and let me tell you I got a hugely positive feedback from the drill this time around.  The guys are ready for it physically and mentally, they are hungry for the win.  Remember, the Aegean Rally is the top offshore event in Greece and there are a lot more reasons than one to win the top spot.  The light wind conditions expected are going to input many variables on the mix,  but in the end it is another boat race and we plan to enjoy it all the way, whatever the outcome might be” says loyal trimmer Manolis Markogiannakis.


It is of great importance to Team OPTIMUM, the comfort we get from our sponsors ASPIDA Maritime Security and SAXOBANK.  They closely following our efforts, they are experienced with the team by now and very supportive.   I will be very special for us to manage another podium finish and share our success with them.  In the state of the Greek economy as it is today, we breath as long our sponsors do so. Please, Stay tuned…!