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Samos Steamship is a ship management company operating a mixed fleet of tankers and bulk carriers. Samos manages a fleet of 2 million tons of an average age of 9 years. With over 140 years of experience, Samos Steamship offers reliable sea transport, combining expertise, flexibility and innovation.

Sensitive to all environmental affairs, Samos Steamship Co. adopts the highest level of pollution prevention standards, imposing strict policies and maintaining extensive procedures. Keeping close relationships with all maritime organizations understands the trends of new legislations and is timely prepared for fore coming requirements.

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quantum-group-greeceQuantum Sails Greece

Kατασκευάζουμε τα καλύτερα και ανθεκτικότερα πανιά στον κόσμο!

Επενδύοντας στο μέλλον και γιορτάζοντας τα 10 χρόνια επιτυχούς παρουσίας της Quantum στην Ελλάδα, σας καλούμε να επισκεφτείτε τις νέες υπερσύγχρονες εγκαταστάσεις μας 1000m2, όπου θα βρείτε όλα τα μέσα υψηλής τεχνολογίας για την κατασκευή παντός είδους πανιών στην Ελλάδα για σκάφη μέχρι 140ft. Στο νέο μας τμήμα έρευνα-μελέτης-σχεδιασμού εξωτικών ινών (υπεύθυνος Π. Ταχτατζής), θα ενημερωθείτε για την καινούργια τεχνολογία στα πανιά Quantum Fusion Membrane με διακρίσεις και πρωτιές σε υψηλού επιπέδου αγώνες.

Όλα μας τα πανιά σχεδιάζονται και κατασκευάζονται εξολοκλήρου από Ελληνικά χέρια. Οι μόνοι διαπιστευμένοι κατασκευαστές της QUANTUM από το 1999 στην Ελλάδα, με επίσημο service και κατασκευή για SuperYacht στην Μεσογειο απο το 2010. Για αυτό το λόγο μπορούμε να είμαστε πολύ ανταγωνιστικοί στις τιμές μας, ταυτόχρονα όμως να προσφέρουμε πανιά υψηλής τεχνολογίας και εξαιρετικής αντοχής. Εμείς δημιουργούμε, δεν μεταπουλούμε γι’αυτό και οι τιμές μας είναι τιμές πελάτη.

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easy dot

Created in 2001 is based in Athens, Greece. Specialized in communication design, branding, copy and packaging. Pre-press and publishing expertise. Our Vision: A new model for graphic design and communication based on a transdisciplinary approach, promoting positive thinking, creative expression, effective communication that will serve the global engagement to innovation and affirmative change. Our Mission: A meaningful visual and written communication created through fresh ideas and their perfect implementation, resulting in a positively oriented social environment.


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kapa-ropes-logo-400px Kapa Ropes Technology

The 100% Greek-owned leading company in the manufacturing of hi-tech ropes and wire ropes in Europe

D. Koronakis S.A. (Kapa Ropes) is the leading company in the manufacturing of ropes and wire ropes in Europe and one of the largest companies worldwide. D. Koronakis S.A. was established in 1967 by the founders of the company Eleni and Dimitri Koronakis who are still actively involved in the management. Since its very beginning, the company was driven by a spirit of innovation in both management and product development. Our product range includes ropes, wire ropes, mooring ropes, combination ropes, yachting ropes and others which are produced in Greece and have been recognized worldwide for their top quality and technical performance. In addition to the products developed locally, the company keeps a large stock of anchors, anchor chains, rigging gear, fiber slings and various other accessories that meet the needs of our clients.

Above all, D. Koronakis S.A. has focused on customer satisfaction, seeing themselves not only as product suppliers but also as client service providers. In order to be able to respond immediately to our clients’ needs we have worked with them to develop the most advanced technologically products spending a large amount of time and resources in continuing Research and Development. Our manufacturing quality was quickly recognized as we were acknowledged early from Lloyd’s R.O.S. as wire rope manufacturers with our production facilities operating under the rules and regulations of Lloyd’s Register. In order to enhance our quality control processes, we have installed an electronic testing bench of 500T capacity and 40m length also recognized by all registries.



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