Snakes & Ladders

Milos Island, Sunday July 20th 2014, 09:00.

The first race of the 51st Aegean Rally from Piraeus to Milos is over and OPTIMUM 3-ASPIDA-SAXOBANK managed a hard fought 2nd place overall. The first leg tested the patience of the Optimum crew since it took almost 17 hours to reach the finishing line in Milos. The extremely light winds that prevailed during the whole night created snake and ladder conditions and meant that opportunities for passing lanes were lost and found every half an hour. Watch the full action in the TV program video at:

“We knew that this year would be tough to repeat last year’s success of winning every single leg. The light wind allowed us to identify the teams that have the patience and persistence to push hard for long hours all through the night. My Optimum mates left no stone unturned in an effort to extract extra boat speed from every breath of wind and conducted numerous sail changes to suit the shifting wind direction. But what mattered most was that we were able to hold on and beat to 3rd place the newest and faster racing yacht in the Greek fleet “Bullet”, a TP52-footer. Hats off to the young team of “Vana Violleta 3” for their stellar performance and fighting spirit that handed them the victory in the leg”, stated mid-bowman George Chatzigeorgiou right after the results were posted on the scoreboard.

Team Optimum, proudly sponsored by ASPIDA Maritime Security and SAXOBANK, continues to deliver podium results and also uses OPTIMUM 3 as a test bench/lab for R & D for technical supporters Quantum Sails for our sail wardrobe, Kapa Ropes Technology for advanced ropes and the newly added Nanophos Marine Pioneering Technology for extra slippery/no drag hull and appendages. We are looking forward to post another great result in Leg 2 to Astipalea island. As always, please stay tuned…