O.S.A. boats participating in 27th SPRING SERIES.

Monday, 30 May 2022, 20:00

OPTIMUM Sailing Academy entered LAVORO III and OPTIMUM 4 Dehler 30ods in the Spring Series organized by N.A.O.VOULAS. The two Academy boats of N.C. Kalamaki raced “Kea 2022” in full crew mode by passionate sailing enthusiasts enrolled in the Academy, friends and O.S.A. co-founders Prodromos Petridis and Meletis Paterakis. The light winds prevailed in race 1 and 2 towards Kea allowed for happy sailing and mid fleet positions in the scoreboard. The fresh conditions in races 3 and 4 back to Voula finish line proved testing for the newcomers who opted not to push over their comfort zone. LAVORO III ended up in 6th (5,3,7,7) and OPTIMUM 4 in 7th (3,5,8,9) and the race was won by the well raced J99 A MAJOR.

“At O.S.A. we believe that Sport is more than records, trophies and halls of fame. It’s a platform that develops humans and societies. My skipper in the POROS double handed race a month ago, Anastasia Samara, returned with friends and chartered OPTIMUM 4 for the race. The two young couples forming the OPTIMUM 4 crew enjoyed a fantastic long weekend of sailing, racing, swimming, good food in Kea and happy live aboard in the Dehler 30. LAVORO III owners and O.S.A. co-founders invited a couple and a friend who love sailing, brought on board a few good wine bottles and crystal glasses and aimed for a their first greek island getaway for the season, enjoying some 16 knots surfs on the way back. I was thrilled to see happy faces upon their return in our N.C.Kalamaki base and feel the excitement and experiences accumulated over the weekend. Sailing is a sport/hobby that if you try it once like Vassia did on OPTIMUM 4, it may change your life for ever”, says O.S.A. co-principal Periklis Livas.

All three O.S.A. Dehler 30ods, AETHER, LAVORO III and OPTIMUM 4 are not only fully equipped with LALIZAS safety equipment but LALIZAS international company is the first to sign as supporter of the O.S.A. initiative. “At LALIZAS we are passionate about our work and have identified the same passion for excellence and growth in the OPTIMUM Team. We discovered the O.S.A. initiative when they needed our premium safety equipment for their three brand new Dehler 30 ods. We learned more about what they do and decided to be the first to support O.S.A., as we strongly believe that introducing the sea into one’s life has extremely positive results,” said Mr. Iasonas Lalizas, Marketing and Communications Manager. You may read the full announcement here: https://www.lalizas.com/announcement/228-lalizas-becomes-the-first-supporter-of-optimum-sailing-academy-osa-initiative?fbclid=IwAR1Ui_bJO8VkpYwz0regdzn8VM4UgvAZkKTSNfbiPVNWmL5eJBQD6i05Or8

A long weekend comes next with POSIDONIA CUP on Friday and SPRING SERIES part 2 on Saturday and Sunday, 3-5/6/2022.

Stay tuned!!!