2014 Season Opening!

OPTIMUM YACCING TEAM members gathered yesterday for their annual opening season celebration. No less than 29 guys joined with 4 notable absentees missing the fun. And fun it was since we ate and drank everything that was available, debriefed last season’s efforts and experiences and then focused on the 2014 season racing schedule and commitment. We also had the chance to hold an internal prize giving ceremony and share the five trophies won at Winter Series 2013 with 5 OPTIMUM MVPs for their performance, dedication and support last season. At Team OPTIMUM, the word TEAM refers to people that join in and put time and effort to reach a common goal and share the fun along the way. For the new season, we will have an MVP voted for every regatta, to amplify further the OPTIMUM Team spirit.

In 2013 OPTIMUM 3 participated in 8 regattas which evolved 28 races and managed to score 15 podium positions, 10 of which were 1st places! Moreover, the OPTIMUM Team managed an outright win in the 50th Anniversary Aegean Rally with a record score of 5-0! It is not a secret among the team members and friends that follow OPTIMUM Team that the continuous 20 successful seasons (1994-2013) are not by luck but earned through hard work, commitment, serious planning and resources investment, all driven by passion for yacht racing.

For 2014, OPTIMUM 3 will conclude its 3-year upgrading schedule in systems, appendages refining, deck layout detail improvement and sail plan/sail wardrobe redesign. This entire technological buzz will allow the OPTIMUM crew to push harder than ever before to break new frontiers and earn and share with friends/followers new thrills and spills. Team supporters Quantum Sails Greece and Kapa Ropes Technology are providing serious insight of the technological complexity of our sport that allow us to understand in depth a whole array of points in various areas and translate them in efficiency and speed.

Also, 2014 marks ASPIDA’s MARITIME SECURITY 3rd continuous year of commitment sponsoring the OPTIMUM YACHT RACING TEAM. The support ASPIDA provided coming on board in 2012, instigated the 3-year upgrading schedule and OPTIMUM 3 “feels” new although she is on her 15th season in 2014! In addition, a new sponsor (soon to be announced) joins in for 2014 bringing along fresh air to the OPTIMUM campaign that the team will use effectively to aim higher than ever. Yacht Club Kalamaki (NOK) will faithfully continue to be our home port and provide the facilities for our grand-prix aspirations.

As such, Team OPTIMUM will participate in 8 regattas again this year, spread out through 2014 from May until October. The announcement of the final and detailed racing program will be posted soon on our site on the web (www.optimumsailing.gr) and will be a culmination of careful considerations that best serve OPTIMUM aims and sponsor wishes. As a hint, another go for the ROLEX MIDDLE SEA RACE in Malta is on the cards, Aegean Rally for sure and possibly Aegean Regatta. Possidonia Cup is a must do event do for 2014 and we all hope to meet you during the season somewhere at or near the sea…