A Thrilling Experience!

Piraeus, Friday, September 11th  , 2015, 21:00.


The “2015 National Offshore Sailing Championship” was supposed to be highly competitive but no one could have possibly foreseen the thrills developed on the racecourse in the first two days of racing and the agony on reading the scoreboard.   The Race Committee of Piraeus Sailing Club read the weather forecast successfully and managed to run three W/L races on Day 1 and two Offshore/coastal races on Day 2, and by doing so has already a valid championship with two more racing days available.    All participating teams proved ready for the battle and after five races conducted most of them had posted poor, average and great results,  which translates into more drama for coming race Days 3 & 4.   OPTIMUM 3-ASPIDA-SAXOBANKstands at 7th  with a score line of 9, 6, 5, 2, 8 and still stands a good chance for a podium position because all boats have erratic results and are very close on overall points.


“We  are really enjoying ourselves here.  The battles with the other two 52-footers are immense and has got us all very excited.  In Day 1, they both beat us in all three races in constructed windward/leeward courses around buoys, although we were improving from race to race, finishing 9, 6, 5.  On Day 2, it was our turn to beat them in both races and scored 2, 8.  This leaves in 7th place with 24 points sitting between the other two TP52s on 22,7 and 27,1 points.  What more thrill can you ask for when you know there are up to 4 more races ahead?” questions valuable loyal Optimum trimmer Costas Makridis. 


The spirits on board OPTIMUM 3 sponsored by ASPIDA Maritime Security and SAXO BANK were on a very positive mode during the debriefing that finished a while ago, quite a few changes were planned in an array of aspects that will hopefully boost performance further and provide better and more importantly steadier results in the days to come.  We could also use our share of good luck, Sir…


Stay tuned!